Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! & SPIDA time

Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope you had a good start and I wish you all the best for 2011.
Health, Good Luck, Love, and Success.

Here's my very own personal Christmas gift - the 75 colors set from Vallejo. It arrived in my postbox on the 31st :)

And since I still have so many unfinished projects on my shelf, I decided to do some painting rather than building.
So I'm starting the year with the painting of the SPIDA tank from the Defense of Xantinum diorama (well actually I started after Chrismas).

The idea is to apply something like a WWII "Flecktarn" pattern to the SPIDA.

Applying the camouflage dots ruined two brushes :)

Then I started to add little details, like metal for the leg joints,

blue for the cables, and silver for the hydraulic pistons.

I added some Ork markings, bits of brass and rust.

The drivers compartment, the gun platform, and the gun.

"Evil Eyez"

Even the Gretchin can find the Trigga now...

...provided it's plugged in!

And this is how far I got over the last 3 days.

Again, Happy New Year and a good start into 2011!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The first Nob finished

Here you can see the first Nob of Da Stachlnschweinz.
The paintjob is complete, only the base still needs to be done.

As you can see, he his gun has an extra barrel, and he sports several spikes.

Some blood here and there :)

Quite dark and dirty :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

The first images

Here are the first 5 Nobs under the Stachlnschweinz banner.

Da Fluff

The Dencara System
Even though the Dencara system was colonized by the Imperium rather early, it was always neglected as an unimportant system. If it wasn't for its very high quality and precious ores, the Dencara system would have long been forgotten. Ore deliveries from Dencara are very treasured on the forge worlds in and around the Segmentum Ultima.
On the formerly pure mining world Dencara 5, the one and only settlement, Xantinum, has grown into a flourishing macropole, over the last 1500 years. Since agriculture is impossible on Dencara 5, the macropole is fully supported and fed by the agricultural world of Dencara 6.
The planets of the Dencara system are classified as follows:
Dencara 1 is a fire world, without any use for the Imperium. Dencara 2 and 4 are Gas giants that are currently probed, as some of the gases seem to be refineable. Dencara 7 is actually just a piece of dead rocks, but has has recently become the focus of imperial attention as some evidence suggests a Tau espionage outpost on the planet.
Due to the unusual composition and arrangement of the systems planets, Dencara 5 is subject to repetitive asteroid and comet impacts, which are pulled into the system by the gravitation of the Dencara 4 giant. But it is exactly these impacts that do supply Dencara 5 with its precious ores. Most of these ores are stooped by the nomadic Scarabs.
The constant extraterrestrial bombardment however has largely influenced the culture and architecture on Dencara 5. Since life on the surface is so dangerous, most parts of Xantinum are built subterranean, and most Dencarans have very pale skin and excellent night vision.
Dencara 5 is accompanied by two moons, which circle the planet on the same orbit, but at opposite ends. Therefore at least one moon is up at any time of the day, and the planet has no tidal forces, while gravity is very close to that of Terra. Most visitors consider the surface of Dencara 5 as extremely dusty. However, in reality the surface is quite rocky, cut by deep ravines and chasms, and broken by several mountain ranges. It is quite common to find active streams of lava at the bottom of some of the deeper gorges. Due to the high percentage of ore most rocks and mountains glow in distinct shades of red and brown. Geoscientists are reminded of the ancient Marsian surface when looking at Dencara 5.
On Dencara 5 the average temperature at equatorially level is at 95° Celsius, while in the southern hemisphere moderate 60-70° Celsius are metered. Only around the northern pole, where Xantinum is located, the atmospheric temperature is at endurable 40° Celsius.The southern hemisphere, which is also target to most comet impacts, is rampaged by almost daily sandstorms and hot winds, and is considered extremely inhospitable. Only the Scarabs and their ore transports traverse the southern hemisphere.
The Dencarian upper class is provided by the 5 families which, like the nobleness in old medieval terranian times, control most of the political affairs. The 5 families also constitute the high council, which advise and control the Governor Primus. Traditionally the oldest son of the family is taking his seat in the high council, while the younger sons take over ministry positions or become officers of the Imperial Guard. Besides this nobleness many of the rich merchants have closed ranks and created very powerful Guilds, which by now, control most economical matters on Dencara 5.
Over the last few years the guilds have built small, armed militias, which are not well appreciated by the Adeptus Arbites. But due to the economical power of the guilds it is nearly impossible for the high council or the governor to intervene in this matter without endangering their luxuries.
The working lower class is mercy- and ruthlessly exploited, and very closely controlled by the militias and the Adeptus Arbites.
Some Dencaran clans have adapted to the dangerous live on the surface and specialized their selves to stooping the precious ores as well as collecting any scrap they may come across. These clans, called Scrabs, travel the vast solitudes of the planet in their huge ore transporters. The Scarabs are well known for their raw, nomadic lifestyle and dark skin. Due to this they are no longer under the control of the Adeptus Arbites or the guilds militias - they are simply vogelfrei.
Due to the originally very pathetic economical situation the Dencara system is Aptus Non - free of all tributes - and amazingly the Governor Primus, Claudius Pescatorus, was able to maintain this status, despite the flourishing economy. Up to about 400 years ago the Dencara system was defended only by units of the Adeptus Arbites and the local defence units of Dencara. Since the First Tyranid Wars on Macrage in which most elements of the Space Marines in the Ultramar sector were destroyed, it is more and more often subject to small pirate raids. Even the Dencara system was subject to several of these attacks, but the defence units of the Adeptus Arbites were able to either repel or quickly contain these raids.
The Guards Defense of Xantinum
While the local defence units were able to repel the pirate’s attacks time and again, the greatest test of their abilities came upon them about 300 years ago.
Due to a severe navigational glitch a rather large portion of an Orkish Waaagh landed accidentally on Dencara 5. The highest ranking boss, Shucktuck, immediately decided to call out a new Waaagh on Dencara 5, in honour of Gork and Mork.
With this perfidious attack the Orks were able to penetrate most Dencarian defences and reach the outer regions of Xantinum. In the defence of Xantinum 4 of the regular defence regiments showed great bravery and morale. These four regiments were granted Guards status and are now part of the planetary defence pool according to the Lex Imperia.
During the Xantinum attack the XIX regiment, located in the southeast of the macropole, acted firm like a rock and was the anchor of the whole southern defence. From a small bank, the regiment conducted several spoiling attacks, led by its commander Colonel Estara, into the flanks of the Ork, while also calling in accurate artillery strikes into the midst of the attackers.
While more and more units of the defence forces were crushed by the powerful attacks, Colonel Estara managed to seize many stragglers and survivors and to incorporate them into his regiment. During this time, the small, light Infantry regiment grew to a powerful combined arms regiment, which became role model to most of the later Guards regiments.
Once Shucktuck, the Waaaghboss on Dencara 5, realized the strategic importance of the small bank and the XIX's defence position, he started a series of murderous attacks onto Estaras regiment.
Time and again the attacks were repelled, tanks and walkers ripped apart by artillery and laser fire, the grunts mowed down by ceaseless stumper- and bolter fire. Inspired by this excellent fight and bloodshed, Shucktuck launched ever fiercer attacks against the Dencarians, which blew large gaps into the ranks of the defenders, yet failed to completely overwhelm their lines.
While the XIX was able to repel all of Shucktucks attacks, the price it had to pay was sheer destruction and after several weeks of constant fighting the regiment lost almost 90% of its members, including Colonel Estara, whom the Scarlet Medal of honour was awarded posthumous.
Due to the heroic actions of the XIX the VII and XIII Regiments were able to disrupt the Orkish siege and so break the attack. The fourth regiment to receive Guards status was the XXII which was nearly annihilated during the defence of the upper levels of Xantinum.
Da Orks
While the Dencarian units struggled for their lives in the defence of the macropole, Shucktuck and his Orks had the time of their lives. The constant fighting and bloodshed was exactly their thrill and excitement, they lived for. If it was for Shucktuck, they could have continued to fight for ever and ever - as long as there were any defenders left, they would have the Orks to match them.
But then one day, Mork and Gork sent a sign.
Shucktuck was just leading one of the attacks against the upper levels of Xantinum as dawn fell and he was hit by the shrapnel of an exploding imperial tank. The large sliver of metal that penetrated his skull, protruding like a horn, cut several cerebral connections, while at the same time short circuiting several new connections within his brain.
Shucktuck had a vision.
He fell to his knees and began to pray.
He saw a Waaagh of Orks bristling with spikes and quills, dark, dirty and full of bloodlust.
He saw his clan growing and flourishing in the rough and dangerous south of the planet. He saw many images of his clan and their future – he knew what to do.
In the meantime confusion spread among the Ork soldiers and the attack slowly faded to a halt. While the Imperial soldiers sighed in relief of the unexpected break, the Orks retreated in the dark of the night and left the battlefield deserted and empty. Littered only by the dead and smouldering wrecks of the war machinery.
The Orks, led by Shucktuck and his Doc Schnellzmessa, quickly and stealthily retreated into the southern hemisphere of Dencara 5. There within the deep gorges they found several enormous caverns in which they settled.
Very little is know about this time, but it is sure that during this time Shucktuck and Schnellzmessa established a new fashion and body culture, which finally led to their new clan name.
Da Stachlnschweinz (Porcupinz).
It was a sign of power and a gift of the gods to have one or more spikes protruding from the skull or other parts of the bodies. Weapons and armour were adorned with all kinds of spikes and prickles. The Mek Ischbeulzraus worked frantically to design new weapons and vehicles. Many Orks were sent out into the rocky desert to scavenge any metal or scrap they could find. Some of Ischbeulzraus’ designs were astonishingly effective and quite a nasty surprise to the Dencarian guards. In the meantime Schnellzmessa and his docs worked hard to surgically implant spikes, freshly produced by the Meks.

During these years the Orks continue to train, fighting the animals they found in the caverns, raiding the ore transports of the Scarabs, and repelling all attacks by the Dencarian guard’s regiments.
Then finally, 50 years ago, Da Stachlnschweinz emerged from their caverns and started the second Dencara Waaagh. Since this day Da Stachlnschweinz rampage over the Dencara landscape, raid the Scarabs and attack Xantinum’s defences. Shucktucks Orks really enjoy their stay on Dencara, and by now, many other Orks have heard of the Dencara Waaagh and joined the fray – after receiving the mandatory implants.


Da Stachlnschweinz?
Yes, with the arrival of the Black Reach package I decided to take a break from my Imperial Guards and start with their adversaries, the Orks that landed on Dencara some 300 years ago.
According to my plan this will be mainly a painting log, little scratch building and, in the end, merging the two forces into a big diorama - showing the ZEUS tank and the Thantalos air carrier in an attack against the defenses of Da Stachlnschweinz.
Well, that's da plan. Lets see how we'll proceed.